Lil Durk’s Artist Hypno Carlito Talks Working On ‘Chiraq’ Movie And ‘Sorry for the Hate’ Mixtape

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Tell us about where you’re from and how you got into rapping and Hip-Hop. 

Hypno Carlito: “I’m from Chicago, the Westside, I got started with listening to rappers like the early kings – Biggie and Pac.  I really like the battle scene and I remember seeing Jay-Z and Nas get into it.  I had really wanted to battle, but I been taking serious since I was a shorty.”

How did you end up linking with Lil Durk?
“Me and Durk we met in the streets and I was a barber and I was friends with his friends and it was a mutual situation. From then Durk wanted to sign me and he had said ‘I got a million friends, but I gotta pick you first.”
“He ended up signing me and when he signed me I kind of just took off. Writing for people that he took me around, I started touring and everything started moving once I got with OTF.”
What are you plans for the Fall with the single releases and tapes you got coming up?
Hypno Carlito: I just dropped Sorry for the Hate, just a lil industry tape, Sorry for the Hate is strictly for the fans. I wanted to give it to the fans because they kept asking for more music and I barely drop music like that – I ended up dropping a 12 song tape with all remixes of industry beats.
People may do songs, but not a whole tape like Wayne, and it’s at like 200,000 steams already. Then right before that I dropped Never Say Never  and it’s at almost a million on MyMIxtapez, we go Lucci, Durk, Project Pat, OJ da Juiceman, Rocky Fresh, Trae the Truth.
What about the tour and touring, what you got planned for that?
Hypno Carlito: I’m putting together this meet and greet tour in October and I’m doing 26 cities and performing live at all the shows so its going really well…
Talk about the songwriting you’ve been doing?
Hypno Carlito: “Me and Durk used to have a mansion in LA but then we went on tour and then he ended up copping a crib in Atlanta and I ended up getting a crib in Chicago. I met a lot of people songwriting from there. “
“I wrote “Pray for My City” in the Spike Lee Chiraq film so I’ve had a lot of opportunities branch off from that.  Me and Nick Cannon have been doing a lot of work together and Nick Cannon is executive producing my work it so that’s a big thing. “
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