Detroit Hip-Hop Legend Champtown Launches Cooking Show “The Itiszzz”

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Motor City has always been front and center as a staple in music culture. From the early days of Motown to the years with Eminem and D-12, Detroit has always produced legendary figures in music. Now one of the city’s legends behind the scenes has a new cooking show themed around Hip-Hop.

The show is founded by Brian “Champtown” Harmon, who once signed Eminem to his record label and who was also instrumental in launching Kid Rock’s career, remains a driving force on Detroit’s thriving Hip-Hop scene as artists like Big Sean, Dej Loaf and others continue to carry the torch for this blue collar city.

But now Champtown and his wife Keysha have a new venture with their cooking show called “The Itiszzz.” Featuring Detroit legend James “The Blackman Harris” aka “Coonjuice Man” and Fairport Tuff as co-hosts, “The Itiszzz” show brings a family vibe, while Champtown interviews guests and his wife cooks.

“When you spell the Itiszzz make sure you spell it with the zzz”s cuz after u eat here the food will put you sleep,” Champtown said.  “Keysha can cook better than 95 percent of the restaurants that are open.  Now hood legends, celebs, movie stars, whoever can pull up eat good, drink good and talk shit with us. It’s my way of saying welcome to the D.”
Some of the forthcoming interviews for this season include Ice-T, Chuck D, Krs-One, Kool Keith, Noreaga, Ghostface & Raekwon, Benzino, Black Ink Chicago, Esham, funnyman Russell Peters, Detroit street legends The Curry Boys and many others in this power packed season.

The city may have taken a financial hit when it filed for bankruptcy in x of y, but Detroit has been making a comeback in a major way according to Champtown.

“People from all over the world are taking advantage of the cheap housing market in the city, where houses that are in need of a little TLC can be found for as low as $2,000 bucks,” he said.

Champtown has always put his street block and zip code on the map throughout his rap career and continues to do so, as he opens his doors to his home, inviting celebrities, and legends of the hood to eat good drink good and talk sh*t.”

Champtown also sees the show as a way to show that the Black family is still in tact regardless of what the narrative is in the media and amongst naysayers.

“I been with my wife close to 25 years and it’s important to let folks know that Black love is real. All Black homes are not broken,” Champtown said. “I still tour the world with my mentors Chuck D and Ice T. As we get older, it’s a must we find ways to push hip-hop, and not just making records. Hip-hop runs the world, and this show is straight up hip-hop. With a door staying open to all other music in cultures to come kick it when you are in The D. You gotta stop by the Eastside of Detroit and eat with us.”
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