Dave East Freestyles Over Playboi Carti’s ‘Magnolia’

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Months after bodying Drake’s “Free Smoke” and Future’s “Mask Off,” Dave East pulls up to DJ Clue’s radio station and takes on Playboi Carti‘s infectious, Pierre Bourne-produced hit “Magnolia.” Check it out for yourself below.
“Magnolia” is pretty much the banger of all bangers in 2017, so it was always going to be interesting to see how someone like East, an MC beloved by rap classicists, would handle it. Using an airtight flow, East attacks Pierre’s instrumental with some intimate details from his personal life.
“Adolescence traumatic, you see my uncle was a coke fanatic/Let him borrow my bike, he told my mom that I let him have it/I know the feeling, losing close friends, tragic/Shit keep happening, money can’t change nothing but my address,” he spits over the track.
As you can see, East had no trouble adjusting to an instrumental that’s about as far away from his typical selections as you can get. It’s this sort of malleable flow that’s helped enable his rise in the industry, and should propel him even further in the future.

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