Wale Says He’s Going to be Leaving for a While, Contemplates Haircut

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By the time you read this, Wale might be rocking one of those half ‘fro, half braid cuts that Martin had in that one episode when he went to find himself at the cult. Nah, but on the real, we don’t think Wale is at Shaquille Sunflower status, but the boy Ralph is definitely in a point of transition in his life. He recently revealed that he is going to take some kind of hiatus and also teased that he could cut his signature locs.

Earlier today (July 23), the D.C. MC posted a photo to his Instagram account that shows him sitting in celebrity barber, Renaldo Williams’ chair. In the caption, he briefly spells out the crossroads he is at. “Man idk what I’m doin but I know I need to make changes,” he stared. “Find my happiness , could this be phase one? I’ll be leaving you guys for a while.. my friend @issarae says it’s time to change up .. my man @renaldowilliams says it’s time…🔵🌙.”

The “I’ll be leaving you guys,” part has some speculating that Wale will be abstaining from social media for a period of time like many rappers have done in the past. But he could be stepping back from the rap game altogether for a while.

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