Kodak Black Feat. Future – Boost My Ego

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The already high anticipation for Kodak Black’s new mixtape, Project Baby 2 just got a boost. The Florida rapper taps Future for the new single off the project, “Boost My Ego.”
Kodak nets a killer hook from Hendrix who spits on the chorus, “Baby mama flodging/She don’t get no pardon/Boosting up my ego, made me go my hardest/Took me out the PJ, put me in a mansion/Break my pill down three ways, made me feel outstanding.”
Per usual, Kodak captures the POV of the downtrodden as he reflects on past times and crimes, and boasts about his come up. “All I know, I deal and steal/I buried all the credit cards/She won’t have me in the kitchen, selling hard and doing fraud/Took me out the ‘jects now I’m flying private jets, nigga/Remember snatching chains, I got my own around my neck, nigga/I caught five kidnapping, but I ain’t no babysitter/I caught five kidnapping, how you let me take you, nigga/Posted on the ugly, jump out go to busting/My baby mama dusting, I’m a little one out here musty,” he raps.

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