Jazi – “Glue (Stuck With Me)”

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Getting her start on the Hawaii Hip-Hop scene during her sophomore year of college, Jazi became inspired to make music after she linked up with Track of Trackbaby Films and began learning how to song write, utilizing her background in poetry. From there she began to pen songs, freestyle and battle in the parking lots on the local scene.

Since moving to LA, Jazi has hit the ground running earning the praise of her peers and local DJs alike and respect from many West Coast legends. Jazi even earned the lauded praise of LA based DJ, DJ Carisma, who co-signed her most recent release, Make A Move.

Not holding anything back and rolling with the momentum of her last effort, Jazi has plans to release yet another project dubbed, The Other One. Set for release this Summer, the project will feature a rollout of high quality videos directed, shot and edited by her longtime collaborator Track of Trackbaby Films.

“‘The Other One’ represents someone who doesn’t fall under the typical societal groups of what you should be, and they don’t fall into political labels and social labels. I am more of that; one on the outside, or the different one, seeing life from another view, hearing music from another tone and another world,” Jazi explained of The Other One project.

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