7 Reasons Why MS-13 Rituals Are Terrifying

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Every selective organization has its own traditions and rituals. Harvard graduates parade through campus. New Supreme Court Justices are expected to get coffee for senior justices. And MS-13 has members carry out targeted assassinations. Their motto: “Kill, Rape, Control.”

MS-13, also known as Mara Salvatrucha, formed when Central American immigrants fleeing a civil war arrived in California in the 1980s. Some young El Salvadorans decided that the only way to survive in a world of Bloods, Crips, poverty, and police, was to create a gang.

In the 1990s, the US government initiated stricter deportation policies, sending many El Salvadorans back to their home countries. Having grown up on the streets of L.A., these returning young men spread the doctrine of Mara Salvatrucha. Since its founding, MS-13 has become one of the most brutal and effective gangs in the world. Each cell, or clique in the gang is led by a single “palabrero,” or holder of the word. Estimated at 50,000 members, MS-13 masterminds money laundering schemes, prostitution rings, human trafficking operations and illegal arms dealing.

The glue that holds the gang together as it spreads from Ontario to Georgia to Mexico are its rituals. Some say that hazing forms strong bonds between fraternity brothers. Imagine what kind of bond is formed after committing armed robbery, rape, and murder together. These 15 rituals create a brotherhood tightly knit by shared experiences of violence and terror.

7. Girls Who Want To Join Must Sexually Satisfy Up To 15 Gang Members

Girls who want to join MS-13 are not uncommon. A girl who wants to join the gang for whatever reason: safety, a sense of community, financial security, or influence, has two options. They can either “Jump-in” like the guys, or “Sex-in.” In a “sex-in” a girl submits to sex from as many as 15 gang members. When all the gang-members are satisfied, she officially becomes a part of the gang. Girls who sex-in, however, often find that they are treated as objects and derive little respect from other gang members. Those girls who enter the gang for safety or influence, after a sex-in are sorely disappointed. Generally a sexed-in MS-13 has to submit to the whims of any gang member, whether they be sexual or violent.


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