Vince Staples Calls His New ‘Big Fish Theory’ Album Afro-Futurism

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There have been a number of rap sub-genres that have come along throughout the years including G Funk, snap, crunk, trap and drill, just to name a few. Vince Staples is starting his own wave with the release of his new album, Big Fish Theory, and he has a name for his as well.

“All I can tell you is that it’s current. It’s tomorrow. It’s next Thursday,” Staples recently told LA Weekly. “We making future music. It’s Afro-futurism. This is my Afro-futurism. There’s no other kind.”

The Long Beach rapper is indeed trying new things. He explained his step outside the box further saying, “If a photographer took the same picture over and over again, you’d call them crazy, right? If an architect built the same house, if a designer made the same clothes, if a painter made the same painting — we’d all discredit them.”

He added, “Then why do we expect musicians, and rappers specifically, to do the same thing over and over and over? It’s because they do not look at rap music as art. They like to say the word, but they’re not really holding anything to those standards.”

Vince has revealed the release date for Big Fish Theory as June 23. He will be going on tour with Danny Brown and Gorillaz next month.

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