Kanye West Should Stop Making Music

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It is interesting to see how an artist’s career plays out, especially after they have reached a certain level of success and fame. I actually have this argument frequently. Can an artist eventually suck? After a certain project or a certain level of success, the expectations are greater than ever to produce content not even on the same level, but better as their previous. The audience wants more, and if they do not receive what they want, they are disappointed.

How many of you have been asked or asked somebody, “What is your favorite Kanye album?” How many of you have struggled to answer? Because they are all so dope… and unique. Many assume he is just a rapper, but you probably were not aware he was first a producer. In fact, he produced Jay Z’s Blueprint back in 2001. That was the launch of his career.

Kanye West recently celebrated the ten year anniversary for his album Late Registration. This was just his second studio album back in 2005. Let’s be honest. “Gold digger” was a smash. This track actually used a sample from “I’ve Got A Woman” by Ray Charles. From his use of samples and auto-tune to his lyrics and beats, the man is a genius. His musical talent goes beyond what many see from the mainstream light.

The answer is no. Kanye has proven his worth in the game, and nothing he puts out in the future can effect the greatness he has achieved. Look at Travis Scott, his protege, who has recently risen to the forefront of current hip hop. With Kanye by his side, there is no option for anything short of success. Travis Scott is a great producer as well. Real recognize real.

It was recently announced that Ye will be playing a show at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles for his 808s And Heartbreak album. To me, this was the album with the dopest instrumentals and production. So cold, but so, so good. The point is, this album came out almost 7 years ago. He will be performing the album in its entirety at one of the hottest venues in LA.

Most artists will go on tour to promote their latest project and that is it. But 7 years later? Doesn’t that say something? I recently saw him headline FYF Fest in Los Angeles. It hit me that he LITERALLY has too many hits to fit into one set. Well, he said so himself. He knows he is good. And he is.

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