40 Glocc Injured in Shooting at a Funeral

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Rapper 40 Glocc was gunned down while attending a funeral in San Bernardino, CA … and remains hospitalized with his injuries. THUG LIFE

Law enforcement sources confirm the rapper was shot in the arm and chest around 2:30 PM Thursday at a cemetery. Bruh, when is shooting at a cemetery cool? At the same time, a woman in the area was run over by a car. Whoever did the shooting needs to spend more time planning out these THUG LIFE activities. Though it’s unclear if the 2 incidents are connected. So what do you think happened?

But for those who don’t know who a young 40 Glocc is, he is/was famously known for his beef with Game and Lil Wayne.

Police detained several people at the crime scene, but no arrests have been made yet.


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