Chief Keef Talks About That Arrest Warrant Tell “THE PO-PO TO COME GET ME!”

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Chief Keef is not concerned about the warrant out for his arrest. TMZ talked to the rapper on Wednesday (May 3) night about his legal troubles, which Keef largely dismissed. When told that cops had a warrant for his arrest, the Chicago native issued a simple challenge.
“Tell ‘em come get me,” he told the paparazzo .
The warrant was issued in Miami after Chief Keef missed a Tuesday (May 2) court date for his recent arrest. Back in April, cops pulled the rapper over after allegedly seeing a passenger in his car make what they thought was a drug transaction with another car. Authorities found marijuana in the vehicle before apprehending Chief Keef and four other people.
Chief Keef was ultimately charged with a DUI. Before a drug expert arrived, the “Kills” MC reportedly told cops, “It’s okay. When you find weed in my urine I’ll just get my attorney to get my marijuana card.”
The rapper’s carefree attitude towards his arrest warrant is shared by the boss of his label. Alki David, the head of Keef’s record label FilmOn, sent XXL a statement on the matter.
“Keef’s crack legal team will work this out,” David said. “In the meantime Hologram USA is prepared to beam him in wherever he needs to go. Boldly, like no man has gone before.”

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